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  • Our 12th successful Innovate Tech Camps concluded with lots of making and coding. Our future technology leaders in the making.

Innovate Tech Camp Programs

Australia's #1 Technology Camp for Kids & Teens


The premium camp provider of innovative technology camps for kids and teens held in Melbourne, Victoria. Innovate Tech Camps has a proven track record of providing quality camps for kids and teens from Melbourne, many parts of Victoria, interstate and overseas. Innovate Tech Camps is owned and operated by Innovate Ahead Group Pty Ltd


Kids and teens gain important skills which are essential for their future after each holiday camp ends. Camps are filled with constant new content, missions and modules. We offer one to two week long holiday Tech Camps for kids and teens from Grades 1 to 12 with a variety of programs you can choose from. Innovate Tech Camp attendees often come back for more, so if you would like to book into a tech camp, get in early.


Join in Melbourne's STEM Spring Tech Camps with Innovate Tech Camps – the premium STEM education holiday camp for kids and teens from Melbourne, Victoria, Interstate and Overseas .



Why come in for a course at Innovate Tech Camps?

  • Get immersed in technology and engineering challenges which will make you think

  • Learn real life problem solving skills and critical thinking

  • Embrace making and creating

  • Think solutions

  • Be with like-minded peers

  • Develop friendships with students from all over Victoria, interstate and overseas

  • Express your ideas

  • Learn useful skills before heading back to school